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Fukuyama on the Roots of Terrorism

In the EU website a summary of Fukuyama’s article of 2 November in the Wall Street Journal – A Year of Living Dangerously, registration required – can be found : ..radicalisation .. is not purely, or even mainly, a … Continue reading

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It was the “keywords”, stupid!

“Tagore settings” is back amongst the first Google results. Within approx. 5 days after I corrected this the pages were picked up by the Google bots. Hooray!

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Is it the “keywords” attribute?

Tagore settings is back on top of Google! Apparently, a few days ago Google has indexed the index page for my blog, which was published on 30 September. The rest of the pages still has to be indexed, but, as … Continue reading

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Revisited: search-engines & Tagore settings

I repeated my search-engine test for “Tagore settings” from 7 August 2002. Also registered as a zealot for the Directory at LookSmart, after passing the test (wow).   Search Engine 6 August 2002 2 October 2005 AllTheWeb 9: blog 1: … Continue reading

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Dutch biodiversity

On the Dutch biodiversity, which is one of the world’s most investigated.

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Dutch not that simple a language

A just reread an old article by Steve Pemberton on Dutch speling: “An Englishman’s Difficulties with the Dutch“. Nice if you understand Dutch and English. The Dutch overestimate the simpleness of their language compared to English. Steve is also chairing … Continue reading

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O. Winston Link

Today, I visited FOAM, the photograpy museum in Amsterdam, which had an exhibition on O. Winston Link. The Link museum has a bio on this remarkable figure, who was an excellent engineer, inventor and artist all in one. Just found … Continue reading

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New book by Fareed Zakaria

Fareed Zakaria, in his first year as editor of Newsweek International, came to international prominence with his cover-story The Politics of Rage: Why do they hate us?“, published three weeks after September 11, on October 15, 2001. His conclusion: Islamic … Continue reading

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Which day is Tagore’s Birthday?

I noticed that there are several days in use as “Tagore’s Birthday”, which is an official holiday in Bangladesh. This year, 2003, the official Bangla day was 9 May, but 7 and 8 May are also in use. It’s because … Continue reading

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What do YOU belief?

A recently came across this: a belief test

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