French squirrels and an aircraft carpenter

The first section of this blog that becomes operational has its origins in my boyhood. I then was a fervent aircraft spotter. Don’t ask me why, but it has something to do with collecting, adventure, technical interest, romanticizing flying, freedom, travelling, competition, a bit of anti-establishment and many more I could not think up now.

When I left university and started working, back in the eighties, I more or less left the habit of visiting airports for plane spotting. That was also because my telelens broke down, my budget for photographic material was limited, and because of the lack of computer power to assist me with the huge pile of information. I once told a friend that I would resume spotting as soon as I had a database at hand.

Nevertheless I admitted myself to make notes when at an airport, while travelling. And of course I still had my notes and photographs from those earlier days.

At the end of 2000 I decided to take up the habit of plane spotting again and to start publishing my reports on the internet. Publishing should follow the model of a blog, and I called it “Airblog”, a word I herewith coin, because I think nobody used it before.

First entry will be on french squirrels and an aircraft carpenter, to be published the next couple of days in this separate blog. Enjoy, in case you like aircraft, and spotting in particular.

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