Revisited: search-engines & Tagore settings

I repeated my search-engine test for “Tagore settings” from 7 August 2002. Also registered as a zealot for the Directory at LookSmart, after passing the test (wow).


Search Engine 6 August 2002 2 October 2005
AllTheWeb 9: blog 1: old 2: new 3: old CD 6 blog
AltaVista 1: old 2: new 3: old CD 4 blog
AOL Search 1 old 2 blog
Ask Jeeves 1 old 2 blog
Google 1 old 2 blog
HotBot 1 old 2 old CD 3 blog
Inktomi N/A N/A
Lycos 14 blog 1 old 2 old CD 3 blog
Open Directory
Yahoo! 1 old 2 new 3 old CD 6 blog



Conclusion: still to register for Open Directory, and Google has disappeared! This is probably related to the lack of updating. For the text between quotes Google gives the result far better rating: 3re! Google also takes “setting” without plural s into account.

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