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No blog should fail to have an "about" page; it took me somewhile to realize this, but here it is.

I was born in '59 in Schiedam, a city near Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and spent there my first 19 years. Since, I have lived in Delft, Oegstgeest, Leiden, Voorschoten. and at present Almere, said to be the most American city in the Netherlands.

My first real job was with Stichting BAZIS, which became HISCOM, now part of iSoft, a software house for large Healtcare institutions. At present I am working as an internet co-ordinator for a large international company.

My main interests are in music, history, political philosophy and aircraft. Hence the themes of my webpages, which at present are focused mainly on genealogy, on Tagore settings, which is about music inspired by Rabindranath Tagore, on aircraft spotting, and for the general thoughts, my blog.

There is also a page on the Italian film music composer Carlo Crivelli. I found out he has composed a lot of film scores, while there failed to exist somewhere biographical information, or a complete worklist.

There is also an overview of articles by Francis Fukuyama, whom I consider to be amongst the greatest thinkers alive, especially on the topic of political philosophy.

I complete this overview with some words on my family. Without them I would never have been able to enjoy so much joyful moments. I love them deeply.

They are Mariëtte, my wife, and our two kids, Marc (1995) and Lisanne (1998).

Texel, July 2000


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