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Carlo CrivelliCarlo Crivelli was born on 15 April 1953 in Rome, Italy. He studied compostion with Domenico Guaccero at the Accademia di S.Cecilia di Roma. He has become a well appreciated contemporary composer, and a very productive composer too, especially of film scores. His first film music was composed for the 1986 film “Il Diavolo in Corpo”. He founded together with Jonathan Williams an orchestra dedicated to recording film music, Orchestra Città Aperta (website in progress since 2002?).Carlo Crivelli

In October 2000 he was appointed at the school of music in L’Aquila, Conservatorio Statale di Musica “Alfredo Casella”, as a teacher of “Musica applicata alle immagini”, music applied to images (or is it imagination?). Crivelli is also engaged (2005) with the Accademia della Critica teaching on composing soundtracks.

Before 2000, he was a teacher at the school of music in Campobasso, Conservatorio Statale di Musica “Lorenzo Perosi”.

He is also engaged with the faculty of etnomusicology at the Universitá “La Sapienza” in Rome, which has been partly published on disk by the Archivio Sonoro of the province Viterbo:
· CETRA SU 5001 “Calabria 1: Strumenti” by Tucci, R. and Crivelli (1979)
· CETRA SU 5008 “Calabira 2: Strumenti, chitarra battente” by Ricci, A., Tucci, R. and Crivelli (1982)

Crivelli lives in Rome, Italy.

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Note When googling, take note that there exist another contemporary performer/composer Carlo Crivelli and a famous medieval painter Carlo Crivelli (±1430 – ±1494)


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Orchestra Città Aperta – specially founded as an ad-hoc orchestra for film scores, with support from a.o. Crivelli. First project was the film “Ginostra” in 2001.

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The Cannes website wrongly states Crivelli as composer for the film Western. That score was composed by Bernardo Sandoval. I gave them a notice, but didn’t check yet if they corrected this.