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The information on these pages is solely for non commercial use and only made for my own pleasure. In no way do I have any connection with the sites to whom I link from my Lindo’s blog and Airblog pages. I am not responsible for the content on external pages I am linking to.

Copy rights for photographs don’t belong to me, except when explicitely stated. All photos, CD artwork and sound samples are used only to promote film and records, film music and composers respectively. These files are not used for profit. References are given as far as they are known to me.
If you think there is a conflict of copy rights, please let me know. In case you want to use content from these pages I would appreciate if you would contact me: . There goes a lot of energy and time into the creation and maintaining of these pages, so I would be grateful if you would credit me.

The publication of aircraft listings should not be taken to imply that access to Civil Airfields is always permissible, or that photography of civil or military aircraft is authorized. Visitors are advised to check beforehand since many countries do not allow open access to civil airfields, or aircraft spotting in general, especially regarding terrorist alert.

As far as I know, I was first in using Airblog as referring to a blog devoted to aircraft and spotting in general.

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