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Which day is Tagore’s Birthday?

I noticed that there are several days in use as “Tagore’s Birthday”, which is an official holiday in Bangladesh. This year, 2003, the official Bangla day was 9 May, but 7 and 8 May are also in use. It’s because … Continue reading

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What do YOU belief?

A recently came across this: a belief test

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Leonard and Dorothy Elmhirst were influenced by Tagore’s ideas on education and social reform, and established in 1925 Dartington Hall Trust, resembling Santiniketan. Elmhirst met Tagore in America in 1913, and was accompanying Tagore on his world travels from 1921 … Continue reading

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George Keyt

Article on Indo-Dutch poet/painter George Keyt, who lived and died on Ceylon (Sri Lanka), and was highly influenced by Tagore.

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e-magazin Santiniketan

Visva-Bharati, the university founded by Tagore, has started a new e-magazine: Santiniketan. Unfortunately, I cannot read the Bengali, yet.

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Early Tagore recordings

An article on the history and fate of early Tagore recordings, dating from as early as 1898. Link

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Telefilms “Mastermoshai” and “Musalmanir Galpo”

Recent telefilms, based on Tagore’s work are: “Mastermoshai” and “Musalmanir Galpo”, both by Nabyendu Chatterjee. See article on

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Fukuyama: Housekeeping Post-Saddam

I came across a recent article by Francis Fukuyama in OpinionJournal, dated 20 April: Housekeeping, Post-Saddam “It’s time to get U.S. troops out of Saudi Arabia”

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