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Scratch Days 2001 – Leiden

I tried to make the style sheet work in Netscape, but I failed. So the best way to view this pages will remain Explorer. Yesterday I visited the Scratch days in Leiden, to give the organizers a helping hand. If … Continue reading
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Airblog added

Get Cheap Xanax Online I added my airblog, with a reports section. Though it will need a lot of work before there will be the mass of content I have in mind. Posted in General | Leave a comment

These are memorable days These days are memorable in different ways. First there is of course the news that there are only around 30,000 genes in our DNA (see Nature, responsible for such a complicated being as a human. That apparantly means that … Continue reading Cheap Alprazolam From India

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Archive added I have added an archive (see at right). All texts have a definitive URL on that page. (update: this was in the self-made version: see Achived Version of how it looked like)
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French squirrels and an aircraft carpenter The first section of this blog that becomes operational has its origins in my boyhood. I then was a fervent aircraft spotter. Don’t ask me why, but it has something to do with collecting, adventure, technical interest, romanticizing flying, freedom, travelling, competition, … Continue reading

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Introduction to my weblog Back in 1996 I had my first experience with internet, in the city library. And from 1997 on I had internet at my office desk. Though I was not such an early adopter, it was at a fairly early moment, and … Continue reading
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