Searching for Tagore settings

Yesterday, I conducted a little test to see where I pop up in search engines. I did make use of the list of major search engines from Search EngineWeb and checked for “Tagore settings”, a page on music set to or inspired by words of Rabindranath Tagore, the Indian poet and 1913 Nobel laureate.

Why do I want a high ranking? Well, I need input from others. While doing this little survey, I came across still further useful info!

Search Engine Results for 6 August 2002
AllTheWeb no.9 for Lindo’s blog
AOL Search no.1 for Tagore page & no.2 for Lindo’s blog
Ask Jeeves
Google no.1 for Tagore page & no.2 for Lindo’s blog
Inktomi N/A ?
Lycos no.14 (page 2) for Lindo’s blog
Open Directory

Some conclusions: I need to get listed in the Open Directory, and figure out why AltaVista and Yahoo! miss me completely. Further, I need to get listed in the Google’s directory. Work ahead.

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