Fukuyama on the Roots of Terrorism

In the EU website euractive.com a summary of Fukuyama’s article of 2 November in the Wall Street Journal – A Year of Living Dangerously, registration required – can be found :

..radicalisation .. is not purely, or even mainly, a religious phenomenon, but is a product of modernisation and globalisation. .. a solution lies in the true assimilation of immigrants into .. a ‘national identity’. This cannot be attained by, for example, Dutch insistence on a command of the language and a knowledge of Dutch history or UK ideas of a ‘citizenship test’ containing questions impenetrable to the average Brit, but by a ‘discussion of the interconnected issues of identity, culture and immigration’.

As for the British test, I think it rather stupid to request from immigrants to pass an exam that many Dutch will fail to pass (I barely passed, but my boss failed…)

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